Mortons Neuroma


Also known as “Plantar Digital Neuritis” or “Metatarsalgia”.


It is felt as pain across the sole of the foot behind the toes. There is often pain or a tingling feeling travelling up the 3rd or 4th toes.


This is caused by a nerve being nipped between two of the bones in the foot.

In long standing cases, the constant nipping of the nerve causes swelling, or the formation of a lump (neuroma) on the nerve.


This nipping is the result of a structural weakness (biomechanical problem) in the foot, and is best dealt with by having a professional examination to identify the weakness. This can normally be managed with a set of “Custom Made Orthoses”.              A silicone digital prop to help straighten the toes, (which are usually retracted), is also, sometimes required.


Surgical removal of the Neuroma, or Cortisone injections, without proper management of the foot problem, seldom produces a satisfactory result.

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