Firstly, they have to control our landing to absorb the impact as the weight of our
body is placed on the ground.

Secondly, each foot in turn has to provide a foundation that will support the entire
body to allow us to lift the opposite foot off the ground.

This has to happen whatever the shape of the surface we are walking on.

Thirdly, our foot has to allow the “Kinetic” energy we generate when walking to
travel over the ground in order for us to move forward.

Every foot is different and very many have structural weaknesses, which affect the
way they work. These are usually genetic in origin.

When our foot cannot allow for the smooth flow of energy over the ground, we are
forced to change the way we walk.

This very often produces serious problems elsewhere in our body.

Our Ankles, Legs, Knees, Hips, or Back (even our neck) can be affected.