Plantar Fasciitis


Sometimes described as foot strain, this is a very common foot problem.


It mostly affects one foot, running along the arch and into the heel.


The pain is at its worst during the first steps taken after you have been resting e.g. when you first get out of bed. (First step pain)


Most forms of treatment concentrate on treating the symptoms while ignoring the major cause, which is, a structural weakness (biomechanical problem) in the foot.


Anti inflammatory medication, rest, and / or taping can help when the pain first occurs, but seldom resolve the problem in the long term.


Steroid injections mask the symptoms allowing further damage to the fascia, and the pain usually reappears more severe than before.


A professional assessment of the feet to identify the biomechanical problem, and an appropriate set of “Custom made Orthoses” is the best way of dealing with the problem in the long term.

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